Sunday, October 28, 2007


If you think about something long enough, will it happen? Can you create the disease you fear?

There are themes that have reoccurred to me lately. Of the circular life, the chicken drops the eggs it hatched a minute prior. A man chases his truck as it rolls in a circle, only for it to catch on fire. Marie Howe describes her brother's fear of going blind. He takes down the chandelier; he is so afraid it might fall in his eye. Then he gradually goes blind through sickness. A man fears being insane. Each time the dream is a step closer to the moment when it creeps out into what might be waking.

Please see Lunacy by Jan Svankmajer.


Nikkita said...

this was my favourite thing i've read in awhile

traffic jam said...

i like this.

sorry i didn't respond on aim. i got your message. hopefully we can talk soon. also, i meant to see control before it left the theater, but i think i'm too late.