Thursday, October 11, 2007

dealing with every day

I watched this movie today.

Afterwards I had to get my sheets out of the dryer and then walk to the Q train to go to work. I was shocked at how appalled I was by people, now knowing that they are constantly on the brink of madness. It isn't something separate, unfelt by the normal sane community.

A woman in the movie broke windows to soothe her anxiety. I drink teas and sit silently listening to talk radio. Laugh about things I actually have a lot of anger about.

The boy showed no signs of remorse for his actions,
he did not understand his crime.


traffic jam said...

my roommate told me about that movie, now you, and it sounds so haunting. i need to see it.

appleoftheearth said...

yes, one of the best films ive seen in awhile. and if youre down for paying 10.50 go into the city and see "control"