Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tiger Beatdown, where have you been all my life?! No, I don't really like the Crystal Light add in the corner of the website, but I do love the women-only blogroll attached to it. So, I guess, like that lovely television jingle "You take the good / You take the bad/ and there you have / the facts of life".

But, TB, you're the Bitch, Bust, and Venus I always wanted. You're the Sassy magazine I wanted when I was 12, or I guess the Sassy I didn't know I always wanted? Most of the time I was distracted by the copy of Empire Records playing in the VCR anyway. The best part about you is that you're not even a magazine! No glossy photos of women advertising organic lipstick! You're sleek and simple -- it's nice to see a little minimalism in this day of saran-wrapped vegetables at the bodega and Sabra individually wrapped hummus/pretzel combos.

Oh! and you're witty, intelligent, and all of your writers are familiar with the rules of grammar. My heart is be-stilled! I am so happy you exist, TB, because I need more radical (still?!) feminism in my life, especially when the writers are just as confused as I am as to why these ideas are still radical and not just common sense.