Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Blog: Attention

Fellow poet and dear friend, Andrew Reynolds, recently started his own blog. He has been celebrating the work of Ronald H. Bayes for the past few weeks. Andrew introduced me to Bayes' work when I first met him, back in the fall of 2008(?), when we were only young students of poetry -- toting our editions of The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetics and celebrating the work of our heros, who we would, later on, have to learn to work past if we were to do any poems we could consider to be our own.

Ronald Bayes is a fantastic poet and one I think should be more well known than he already is, and perhaps the fact that he isn't heralded along with the other greats of his age is just because he wasn't in a big city, reading and pushing through the intricate web that is the poetry scene. No matter.

Read and be amazed. His line breaks, as Andrew says, have "Eliot-like control" and his use of language is somehow familiar, but made strange just from the power of his intellect and howling imagination. How he moves from idea to the next seems fluid in only the way one remembers something they forgot, but is unsure where the reminder even came from. Like yes, obviously, this is where we go from here -- return for your forgotten books! Backtracks are sometimes necessary.

I'm not sure what Andrew will write about after the "Ronathon", but it will be amazing, which is made clear just from what he has chosen to show of Ron's work. They are strong poems and encourage the active reader to read on.


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