Monday, January 5, 2009


juice: kale, cucumber, celery
side of clementine

Recently I flipped through some book David Lynch wrote about meditation. He was talking about going "down deep" to catch "the really big fish." I thought this was a kind of cheesy way of talking about taking care of yourself in order to create, but it made sense to me. Bell Hooks talks of something sort of similar in Teaching to Transgress, in that a teacher must be self-aware in order to teach - not prone to power trips due to inferiority complexes. I think artists need to live as simply as possible (and I see good teachers as artists). They need to live as close to the earth as possible, with minor digressions into space. Or maybe space counts as earth. Dali Llama talks about everyone being the center of the universe, because to you, that is where it starts from. There needs to be spirituality, or something similar to it, whatever you find it to be. I do not want to tell people how to live, only make an example through myself. Sartre talks about this as well. And I guess I talk about these people because they have helped me form how I see the world, and I'm always seeing it somewhere different. My friend Mary says that books are important, because they help you think in new ways. Maybe that's what I'm trying to say here. Or maybe I'm trying to say to make sure you know what you want, what your body wants, and what's good for you, because then maybe that will transfer into what is good for other people, or something. Maybe I don't know. Maybe I just feel good.

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