Wednesday, November 19, 2008


In a past life, your friends were once your enemies and your enemies were once your friends. This could be uplifting, meaning, it is important to treat everyone equally. More specifically, to love everyone equally. There is no difference. Everyone wants to reduce pain and suffering and increase happiness. This is a fact. So, like me, everyone wants to feel really good. Everyone wants Sunday afternoon. Everyone wants Friday night. Everyone wants a new t-shirt and someone to hold hands with.

This could also mean to hate everyone equally, friends included. Acquaintances included. Neighbor with the dog that barks all the time included. Guy playing the keyboard in the train station included. It is possible to have enough hatred for all of these people. It is probably less work than having love for all these people. Buddha was probably exhausted. I am sure Jesus was exhausted. But statues of saints always look so peaceful. They hardly seem tired from all of that loving. Maybe they didn’t have to love as hard, or as much, or maybe they just liked everyone the same amount. They certainly had to feel one way or the other about everyone, as I am sure saints were held to the same standards. Or maybe they were more human. I haven’t read the Bible in years. Only the book on Buddhism. Yes, it is true, in a past life, your friends were once your enemies and your enemies were once your friends.

In a past life I knew no one, I had to hate and love no one, except myself, so perhaps I loved everyone as a person alone must love herself. I spent most of my time putting small objects into my mouth and then spitting them out. I was skilled at doing nothing, all on my own. If someone were to cross my path I would not notice him. I could not notice him, as then I would have to feel one way or the other, and knew I was better off feeling neither emotion, except towards myself, and in regards to that, I usually chose love. It was easier to live simply this way, ingesting, digesting, spitting as I so chose. Watermelon was a favorite of mine, as this involved all three activities. I was my only friend. I have done this through all of my lifetimes. I have spit things at many different now extinct animals. I now spit things at animals that I will know will become extinct in the future. I have used chewing tobacco. And in a past life, I have always made sure to remind myself that my friends were once my enemies and my enemies were once my friends, as I have been everything, and we have walked through it all together, spitting, digesting, loving, and finding it quite easy not to hate.


Tao Lin said...

someone's birthday party sunday at bar, come with me?

Katie said...

I like this so much. <3