Saturday, October 25, 2008

my week

"How was your week?"
"What did you do today?"
"How have you been?"
"What have you been up to lately?"

I have never really thought of myself as socially awkward, but I can be when it comes to questions like these, because I don't know what the other person is searching for.

Those questions are so big, or would at least require a very big answer in order for me to feel satisfied, this is what I'd want to say. But, I get the feeling this isn't what people are searching for.


Knowing I can find contentment in apple-carrot-ginger juice.


W.B. Yeats' "Collar-Bone of a Hare"

I would find by the edge of that water
The collar-bone of a hare
Worn thin by the lapping of water,
And pierce it through with a gimlet and stare


Matthew Rohrer's "Rise Up" & the excitement that comes from mixing different "registers" of language

A decision to "participate" as much as I "encounter"

An Audrey Hepburn influenced ensemble.


(taken from NYSOG blog)

image: what we see: how we see it


Staying in, making dinner with my roommate, building a bookshelf: how we create space & then enjoy it, and how space can be an indicator of emotional well-being.


May, 2005

NOVEMBER 2008!?!?!?!

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Mike said...

I actually do want to know what you had for breakfast.