Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I find inspiration in the things said to me, shown to me, and things I see myself.

Thank you for saying something honest.
Thank you for showing me that poem.
Thank you for saying how you feel lost and bored
with people's lack of expoloration.

Sometimes, enough is enough,
like maybe we can't make it,
maybe we can.

[a poem shown to me last night]

How I Became Impossible

I was born shy, congenitally unable to do anything
profitable, to see anything in color, to love plums,
with a marked aversion to traveling around the room,
which is perfectly normal in infants.
Who wrote this? were my my first words.
I did not like to be torched.
More snow fell than was able to melt,
I became green-eyed and in due time traveled
to other countries where I formed opinions
on hard, cold, shiny objects and soft, warm,
nappy things. Late in life I began to devlop
a passion for persimmons and was absolutely delighted
when a postcard arrived for the recently departed.
I became recalcitrant, spending more and more time
with my rowboat. All my life I thought polar bears
and penguins grew up together playing side by side
on the ice, sharing the same vista, bits of blubber
and innocent lore. One day I read a scientific journal:
there are no penguins at one pole, no bears
on the other. These two, who were so long intimates
in my mind, began to drift apart, each on his own floe,
far out into the glacial seas. I realized I was becoming
impossible, more and more impossible,
and that one day it really would be true.

-- Mary Ruefle


Mary said...

Yes to the Japanese garden on Tuesday. Can we go in the morning? I love you and I love you in this city.

Tao Lin said...

hi kelly

jkelley kekle leuykl elke ele lek elkelkelke kl

i showed you that poem, i feel proud

taotaotaot aot
a ot a