Thursday, July 19, 2007

open (close)

She opened it, something like a fairy tale
that had a beginning and and ending and everything
in between and she said "OH, this is it. What I have been looking for.
An exact measure of what it can mean to be content
and to take a breath slowly into a paper bag."

I can see all the breath now as it enters into the bag.
It looks like
dreams from a mouth breather
or streamers
or icing melting and flowing like water might.
Thick and with a tint of color.

She felt upwords, there were antlers.
She felt down, there were bare feet covered in blood.

She looked around and red was everywhere to be seen
and she felt like she finally might know where she was.
All of the hardwood floors made sense
and she thought,
"I may never need to look around again."

But she did, and she wrote inside
the notebook
something like a beginning, ending, and everything
in between.

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